Cleaning Interior & Spray Painting with Dupli-Color


This weekend has been devoted to cleaning and spray painting the interior of my 1997 Jeep Cherokee XJ.  I have researched paints and interior mods on the internet and I found a lot of people who experienced good results using Dupli-Color automotive spray paints on their interiors.  I was surprised to learn that these paints work surprisingly well on interior carpet in addition to vinyl and plastic surfaces.  I chose a Flat Black Dupli-Color Spray Paint to color my door panels as well as my interior panels and carpet.  The only downside to the paint I’ve found thus far is the cost.  Each can of paint is around $6.50.  I’ve gone through at least 10-15 cans already and Im only half way done.

Carpeting & Upholstery

I think I am going to keep some of the interior grey while coloring the carpet and most of the panels black.  My carpet is pretty stained from lots of beach use over the years.  However there are no rips or tears in the fabric.  I’ve heard some people say the spray paint can wear down and fade when used on carpet.  I guess well see what happens with time.  I figure if it doesn’t work, I will re-carpet the interior.

Cleaning Carpet & Upholstery

I rented a carpet cleaner from Vons and spent a few hours cleaning the seats and carpets.  I removed a ton of dirt, sand, and stains from the seats and interior.  I was surprised to find that I was able to lift many of the stains off of the carpet.  I paid $20.00 to rent the carpet cleaner.  It was well worth it.  After I cleaned the carpet, I left the Jeep outside to dry for a few hours.

Removing Panels, Prepping Interior & Painting

Before & After Photos

I am about 50% done with the interior starting from the back moving forward.  I have yet to reinstall the panels so the interior still looks a little rough.  Stay tuned for the final photos…

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