Custom Gauge Mount in Ashtray on 97-01 Cherokee XJ


Awhile back while browsing the web, I came across someone who had make a custom gauge plate where the original ash tray was situated in the 97-01 Cherokee.  They used theirs as a switch panel, while I had the idea of using the same plate for a transmission temperature gauge.  I installed a transmission cooler recently because XJs transmissions are known to run hot.  My original transmission went out I believe because of overheating.  I thought it would be a good idea to install a gauge to keep an eye on the temperature.  Especially if I end up towing a boat at some point with the Jeep.

To get it to fit just right, I had to use my dremel saw to cut out the old recessed plastic that originally housed the removable ashtray.  The gauge plate came with 3M adhesive tape.  Once I cut out the recessed area, I was able to fit the plate snugly over the area.

Attached are a couple of photos below of how it came out.  I think it looks pretty good…

The Sending Unit

To mount the sending unit, I used a T-Junction fitting (See Photo Below).


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