Fat Bob’s 2″ Lift Installation


I’ve always wanted to lift my Cherokee just slightly from the stock height.  I recently purchased a lift kit from Fat Bob’s Garage.

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day working on the front end.  I hit a snag however when trying to remove the coil springs.  I’ve removed the bottom shock mounts, sway bar connectors, and spring mounts, but the axel doesn’t drop low enough for me to remove the springs.  I bought this kit because the instructions said you didn’t need to use a spring compressor.  I have heard spring compressors can be very dangerous and I’d like to avoid using one if at all possible.

I did some research on the web last night and found I may be able to jack one side of the axel up thereby pushing the opposite side down.  Doing this combined with some standing on one side of the axel may provide enough clearance to remove the spring and install the 2″ spacer.  Im gonna ask my Father-In-Law if he’d give me a hand today.  I really need a second hand on this job.

Here are some photos of my progress thus far…

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