Fat Bob’s 2″Lift | Help from Scott Kirby


I was able to remove the front coils by jacking up one side of the axle thereby pushing down the opposite side of the axle.  However, once I installed the 2″ spacers I was unable to reinstall the coil springs due to lack of clearance.  I tried a variety of things to lower the axle as much as possible to provide me with enough clearance to reinsert the springs.  Unfortunately there was not enough room to reinsert the coils.  I basically needed to use a coil compressor to complete the job.  Years ago, I heard about a guy who was killed by a coil compressor that apparently malfunctioned and struck the man in the chest killing him.  So, needless to say I was very apprehensive about using a coil compressor.

I decided to seek out help of a professional to complete my lift job.  I found Scott K. on Craigslist in Fresno at (760)-223-6400 (scmkirby@hotmail.com) who drove out to my residence and assisted me in completing my lift kit.  Scott K. was super knowledgeable,  very professional, extremely friendly,  and proficient about his work – busting out the remaining part of the lift job in under 3 hours.  I was really impressed with Scott’s character, reliability, and  overall knowledge about Jeeps and auto mechanics.  I am so stoked about the job Scott did on my Jeep today!  I will definitely be calling him again to help me out.  Scott, your the man!

Below are some photos of my Jeep before and after the 2″ Lift.



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