Installing Polk Audio 1″ Tweeters in a 97-01 Cherokee XJ


I recently installed new door panels on my XJ as the old ones were really worn down and in need of replacement.  While doing this, I decided to upgrade my speakers.  I ended up replacing the stock speakers with a 6.5″ 2-Way Polk audio speaker.

Since I got my Jeep, I always found there to be poor sound quality due to the low position of the speakers at the bottom of the door panel.  To resolve this problem, I decided to install tweeters in my door panel.  I installed some 1″ Polk audio speakers in each door panel.

To cut the 2″ holes, I used a dremel saw.  The trick is to draw a guide first.  Then once you know where your going to cut, make small around your circular patter.  Then try and install the tweeter in the hole with the mounting bracket.  If the hole is too small, continue cutting little by little until you get a good fit.  If you cut too much too soon, your screwed.  There is no going back.  Take your time and don’t be hasty.

Listed below are some photos of my finished installed tweeters:

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