Instructions on Removing the Automatic Shifting Assembly for a 1997-2001 Cherokee XJ


Instructions on Removing the Automatic Shifting Assembly for a 1997-2001 Cherokee XJ

I recently broke my shifter handle off trying to remove it in efforts to remove and paint my center console.  I had to purchase a used one on eBay.  I was confused as to how to remove the shifter assembly from the car so I looked all over the web to see if there were any articles.  I couldn’t find one so I decided to write one.

I have posted some photos of each step for anyone interested in a visual representation of each step.

I hope this helps someone!  It took me awhile and a bit of patience to get this thing out.

Step 1: Remove all of the screws connecting the shifter assembly. There are four screws holding it down. You may need to pry it up gently as there is a rubber seal underneath it.

Step 2: Remove linkage from shifter assembly. This takes two steps. First you need to squeeze the connectors that are holding onto the assembly and push them back towards the firewall. I found that removing these first gives you some leverage later in removing the main connectors to the gear shifting assembly.

Step 3: Remove cap from left linkage connector and gently push it away from the ball joint until it pops off. Do it delicately so it doesn’t’ break off!

Step 4: Pull towards you, or back towards the back of the vehicle on the right hand linkage. This linkage is held on by the tension of the wire pulling on it. DO NOT TRY AND PRY IT OFF. I was able to remove mine by pulling it backwards while placing a screw driver in the shifter mechanism to prevent it from moving. Pulling it backwards should pop it off. This was the hardest one for me.

To reinstall, simply repeat the steps backwards until you get your new assembly on.

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