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I was able to find a used door panel on eBay for my front drivers side door.  I cracked the panel about a year ago trying to install some new speakers.  The used panel I received in the mail from eBay was in relatively good shape.  The only negative was that it didn’t have a slot on it for the power windows.  My Jeep has manual windows but has power windows.  Go figure.  At any rate, I installed the panel because it was a much needed improvement to my old broken one.  I don’t really use the power windows anyway.  I guess I’ll keep an eye out for another panel with the power windows slot.

To remove the panel I removed three screws.  One from the door handle, one from under the armrest, and another in the handle area of the armrest.  Then I used a flat screw driver to gently pop the clips holding the panel into the door frame.  These clips often get old and crusty, so I purchased a set of 50 replacement clips on ebay for a few dollars.  I then installed the new clips in the new panel before installing it back into the car.

The hardest part of the process was removing my manual roll up window handle.  There is a small clip that holds it onto the cranking gear.  I was able to slip a small screw driver down in between the handle and the gear and pop it out.  Once I did this the door panel slipped off pretty easily.

Like I said before, I installed new door clips as the old ones were broken.  Then I reinstalled the door panel slipping the panel on from the top over the door grooves.  Once slipped on, I gently pushed the panel into the clip holes and pressed them gently in until I heard a pop indicating they were in place.  Then I screwed the screws back into the panel.

The final thing I did was to reinstall the roll up door handle.  This was tricky because I had to reinstall the clip that holds the panel on.  I was able to do this by slipping it over the gear slightly and then wedging it down into place with a small screw driver.  That’s it.  Here’s some before and after photos below:

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