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I purchased a new steering wheel from CyberJeep and installed it yesterday.  I rented a steering wheel puller from Autozone for $19.95 to help remove the steering wheel.  The process wasn’t very difficult.  The only negative to my new steering wheel is it didn’t come with new cruise control buttons.  In the time being, I left them off and installed the standard covers that came with the new steering wheel.  I’ve been looking for new buttons on eBay and around the web.  They are pretty expensive so Im going to try and find a good deal.

To remove the steering wheel I removed the negative terminal on the battery.  Then I waited around 5 minutes to make sure the air bag in the car was disarmed.  Then I removed the screw bolts behind the steering wheel which hold in the cruise control buttons.  Then I removed two screws behind the steering wheel that hold in the air bag cover.  Once I did this I was able to pull the air bag cover forward and unhook the connectors to temporarily pull out the airbag.  I set the air bag aside face up as instructed and then proceeded to removing the steering wheel.  The instructions I read said to mark the main nut on the steering wheel to illustrate how the wheel is centered.  This way when you reinstall it, it will be straight.  After I did this I removed the main nut holding the steering wheel on with a wrench.  I had to whack it a few times with a mallet to break it loose.  Once I removed the bolt I then used the steering wheel puller to pry off the steering wheel.  That’s it!

Below are some before and after photos.  You can tell that my old steering wheel is pretty chewed up.  The only other negative is that the airbag cover is still old.  Mine isn’t in that bad of shape, but it would be nice to have a new cover.  I’m not sure if you can get one or not.  I kind of doubt it.  I guess I’ll just clean mine up as best as I can.

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