Removing Side Panels & Sport Decal


The other day I was running an errand at Foxwood West Collision Center and noticed they had a Jeep Cherokee in their shop they had recently painted.  It looked really great.  I noticed they had removed the side panels and painted the bumpers the same color as the paint of the vehicle.

I decided to remove my side panels because they have become worn out with age and they are very faded and in need of repair.  Thanks to the guys at The side panels are stuck on the vehicle with 3M adhesive tape.  After nearly 13 years, they were really stuck on there.  To remove them, I used a 40lbs test fishing line.  I placed the wire behind each panel and basically sawed them off the car.  There was a very substantial glue residue left on the Jeep after removing each panel.  I used Goo be Gone to loosen up the residue while I used a razor blade to slowly scrape it off the side panels.  I heard recently that wheel acid is a very good way of removing water spots and other residue that is difficult to remove.  I think I will try to get a hold of some to remove any remaining 3M tape.

Listed below are some before and after photos.  I think once I paint the Jeep it will look very good.

Before & After | With Original Side Panels and Sport Decal

 Before | With Side Panels

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