Retrofit Custom LED 3rd Brake Light from a 4Runner for my Jeep Cherokee XJ


I decided to customize the 3rd brake light on my 1997 XJ.  The standard 3rd brake light was very faded and old looking.  I got a custom LED third brake light designed for the Toyota 4Runner.  The angle of the trunk lid of the XJ and the 4Runner match so this made this light a good fit.  I did however have to buy a dremel saw and cut the tailgate to make it fit.  It wasn’t exactly easy, but it wasn’t exactly hard either.  I simply made a pattern of the light first and went to working, cutting a little bit at a time.  The secret I found was to take my time cutting and checking, cutting and checking.  I finally got the light to sit nicely and flush to the tailgate.  To mount the light I used some 3M adhesive tape on the underside of the light.  It came out great I think.  Its a big improvement from the stock 3rd brake light.  Here are some photos below of my new 3rd brake light…


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