Fixing Quick Connect Transmission Lines on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0


I’ve noticed several small leaks coming from my transmission lines recently.  After further inspection I realized that the leaks were coming from the quick connectors where the metal meets the rubber connection.  From what I understand, they are intended to last the life of the vehicle.  I tried virtually everything under the sun to remove them to no avail.  Some of the connectors are removable with a tool.  However,  the quick connectors that are not removable are pictured below

The Solution (Instructions)

1.  Cut the 3/8 metal line with room to spare for affixing a compression fitting.  Cut the metal tube with a tubing cutter like the one displayed below:

2. Install a”1/2″ x 3/8 female compression to tube” adapter on the end of the metal line.  Tighten well.  The fitting should look like the images listed below:

3. Screw on a 3/8 “Brass Hose Barb” fitting on the male end of the 3/8 compression fitting.  The fitting should like the image listed below:

4. Connect 3/8 transmission tube to “Brass Hose Barb” fitting.

After following the instructions above you should have something like this:

Note on Threads
I used thread tape on all of the threads to ensure there was no leaking of the lines.  I used a thicker thread tape intended to be used for gas lines as transmission fluid can deteriorate gaskets and surfaces over long periods.

Tightening of Bolts
I was told to tighten the bolts as much as possible with the compression fittings to ensure the compression fitting tightens down on the metal transmission line.  I personally don’t light to overtighten as this can often do more harm than good.  With that said, I used my own discretion in tightening them.  I had a problem stripping one of the fittings over tightening it on my first attempt.  So after that, I eased up a bit.

More Photos of Fittings Listed Below:

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