XJ Pod & Amp Install on 1997 Jeep Cherokee XJ


I recently added an amp and XJ Pod to my 1997 Jeep Cherokee XJ.  The install was pretty simple.  I ended up installing the amp underneath the back seat on the drivers side.  I secured it by using velcro strips stuck to the amp with 3M tape stuck to the carpet underneath the seat.  I was able to hide all of the wires for the speakers, amp, and RCA pretty easily by running them along the side panels of the vehicle.

The XJ Pod mounted really nice.  I still need to paint it to match my interior.  Otherwise it looks great and it sounds fantastic!  I have a Harman Kardan system in another vehicle and I would say this system sounds nearly as good.  I would say the only negative is Im getting a little vibration here and there.  It would be great if I could pack some insulation in the doors and around the panels.  Anyway, here are some photos below of my recent project.


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